Hazel & Filbert Ensueno Puffin Greeting Card

Hazel & Filbert Ensueno Puffin Greeting Card

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7 x 5", blank inside


Hazel and Filbert Ensueno Puffin craft artisanal hazelnut milk ice cream by the micro-batch.  None are the same; all are highly coveted.  Their business began most serendipitously:  Several months back, Murray Maynooth Moose had foraged bushels full of Grade A hazelnuts.  Fortunately, no one else could figure out just what to do with so many; so the pair pressed the harvest and made the most delicious ice cream.   

Having friends over one evening, someone hauled out from the freezer the entire lot for tasting. Needless to say, it was gone in a flash.  In the following weeks however, random ingredients began appearing at their doorstep with notes of suggestion (and a plea for the resulting product).   With their creativity on overdrive and their tastebuds at the ready, the couple churned out the first batches of their now-famous biodynamic, wildcrafted gelid ambrosia.  As their “supplier” network grew, the flavour profiles became more complex and more exotic: Penuche Cream, Rhubarb Custard, and Mantecado.  Tostone & Blueberry, Bannock & Mast, Yucca Pone, and Guayaba-Rum Ripple. 

In parallel with their supplier base, consumer interest boomed.  But rather than turn their niche company into a conglomerate, work ’til they drop and tie themselves to a production facility, Hazel and Filbert had another idea. They were going to create a balanced life; stay at the micro-batch level, keeping demand in their coveted treat high; and build their future retirement right into their current business.  They would incorporate the joy they had been anticipating only in their later years: Travel.   

Now, they hop on their trusty snowmobile (or jet ski, when heading south) and pick up the raw materials themselves.  And they hand deliver each and every pint the same way - in person - no matter the distance.  Actually, to them the farther, the better.  Already they have been to every coast with no desire to speed things up.  Why, at this pace, they’ll never get to officially retire, but they'll also never want to.


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